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Discuss acute viral hepatitis

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1Discuss acute viral hepatitis Empty Discuss acute viral hepatitis Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:59 am


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Definition : Acute viral inflammation of the liver
Aetiology : HAV (commonest), HEV, HBV or HCV

Macro (gross)
Liver is enlarged and yellowish green
1) Hydropic degeneration of hepatocytes
2) Necrosis of hepatocytes
Commonly centrozinal. Necrobiosis and focal necrosis may occur. Some of hepetocytes are acidophilic & shrunken (councilman bodies)
3) Inflammatory cells ( lymphocytes, macrophages, plasma cells) appear around necrotic cells & in the adjacent portal tracts
4) Kuppfer cell engulf bile and undergo hyperplasia
5) Cholestasis :

Retention of bile inside the cytoplasm of hepatocytes and inside the bile canaliculi ( which is obstructed by the swollen hepatocytes)
6) Framework of the liver is not affected

1) Chronicity : chronic hepatits or chronic carrier
2) Acute fulminating hepatits : more commonwith HBV, HVC and HEV (during pregnancy) than HAV
3) Complete recovery in 95 % or more of hepatitits A infections

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