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off-class discussion.

Tahun 3.kita separuh doktor.

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ORAL QUESTIONS (rajin nk post newtopic)

afnan fakhrurazi
9 posters

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1ORAL QUESTIONS (rajin nk post newtopic) Empty ORAL QUESTIONS (rajin nk post newtopic) Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:40 am


Star Member
Star Member

Endocrine System
1. Hormones of posterior pituitary gland
2. Growth hormone ***
a. Functions
b. Manifestations of excess growth hormone in details
c. Acromegaly **
d. Dwarfism ***
i. Type
e. Somatomedin**
i. Where it is synthesized?
ii. Actions
3. Somatostatin inhibits what?
4. Prolactin ***
a. Secreted by
b. Action **
c. Hyperprolactinemia **
i. In male
d. Regulation
e. Inhibitor
5. Oxytocin ***
6. ADH ***
a. Where it is secreted & stored?
b. Functions ***
c. Actions
d. Effects of decreased secretion
7. Hypothyroidism ***
a. In children
b. In adults
c. Manifestations
8. Cretinism *****
a. Characteristics (Features) **
b. Deficiency of hormones
9. Myxodema **
10. Grave’s disease **
a. Explain about heart rate & ABP
b. Manifestations
11. Calcitonin
a. Functions
12. Plasma calcium level **
a. Regulation of calcium level by hormones ***
b. Define calcium homeostasis
c. Manifestations of calcium deficiency
d. Ionization of calcium
13. Tetany **
14. Cortisol
a. Pharmacological actions
b. Control of secretion
15. Aldosterone *****
a. Genomic action
b. Functions
c. Where it is secreted
d. Regulations
e. Primary & secondary hyperaldosteronism
f. Disease related
16. Cushing syndrome *****
17. Conn’s syndrome **
18. Addison’s disease ****
a. Why there is pigmentation?
1. Spermatogenesis
2. Functions of sertoli cells ***
3. Testicular functional tests **
4. Menstrual cycle
a. Phases
b. Hormones related
5. Ovulation ***
a. Hormones related
6. Hormones which help to indicate ovulation
a. Estrogen (indirectly)
b. LH (directly) during ovulation
c. Progesterone after ovulation
7. Placental hormones
8. Estrogen
a. Site of release
b. Functions
9. Corpus luteum ***
a. What is it?
b. Hormones secreted by it
10. Menopause
11. Hormones needed for lactation
Central Nervous System
1. Synaptic transmission **
a. Characters
b. Habituation
2. Synaptic potential
3. Receptors
Sensory Nervous System
1. Pain
a. Type
b. Pain control
c. Referred pain *****
d. Visceral pain **
i. Causes
2. Syringomyelia ***
a. What is it?
b. Affects what?
3. Brown-Sequard Syndrome
4. Tabes dorsalis
Special Senses

1. Iris
2. Lens
3. Accommodation *****
4. Miosis *****
a. Definition
b. Causes **
c. Functions
d. What reflex that causes miosis?
5. Near reflex (Near response) ******
a. Definition
b. What are the changes occur?
c. How is it occurs?
d. Why we need of convergence of both eyes?
6. Light reflex
7. Argyl-Robertson ***
8. Pathway of vision & diseases related
9. Presbyopia
10. Astigmatism
11. Functions of spherical & chromatic aberrations
12. Differentiate between active & passive mydriasis:
a. Adrenaline is used for active mydriasis
b. Atropine is used for passive mydriasis
13. Aqueous humor ****
a. Functions
14. IOP
a. What
b. Normal pressure ***
c. Functions
15. Glaucoma *****
a. When IOP pressure exceeds how much?
16. Dark adaptation ****
17. Scotopic & photopic visions
18. Binocular vision
1. Middle ear **
a. Functions
2. Eustachian tube
3. Organ of Corti
Motor Nervous System
1. Stretch reflex **
a. Type: Monosynaptic reflex
b. Functions
2. Muscle spindle
a. What is it?
b. It response to?
3. Muscle tone **
a. Applications
4. Rigidity
5. Motor area in brain
6. Broca’s area
a. Lesion
b. What type of aphasia? Fluent or non-fluent?
7. UMNL **
a. Definition
b. Manifestation
c. Causes
9. Differences between UMNL & LMNL **
10. Spinal shock **
11. Functions of cerebellum ****
12. Tremors
a. Definition
b. Types **
c. Kinetic & static tremors
d. What syndrome has kinetic tremor?
13. Ataxia *******
a. Definition
b. Types **
c. Cerebellar ataxia
d. Diseases which manifested by ataxia
e. What are the gaits for motor & sensory ataxia? High stepping gait & drunken gait
f. What is the disease which has both sensory & motor ataxia? Thalamic syndrome
14. Basal ganglia
a. Functions
15. Parkinsonism *****
16. Sleep
a. Mechanism **
b. Functions of serotonin & melatonin in sleeping
c. Which organ secretes serotonin & melatonin?
d. Melatonin is more in infants or adults? Infants
1. Juxta-glomerular apparatus
a. Functions
2. GFR ************
a. Definition ***
b. Normal value ***
c. Forces affecting ***
3. Filtration fraction
4. Hormones which regulate renal tubule
5. Tubular handling of Sodium
a. Hormones acting
6. Glucose tolerance
7. TMG **
a. Normal level
b. Causes
8. Counter-current mechanism **
a. Definition literally
b. Examples in kidney
9. Plasma clearance **
a. Definition **
b. Inulin ****
i. Properties
c. PAHA ****
d. Creatinine
e. Glucose. Why zero?
f. Functions **
10. Diuresis
11. Proximal convoluted tubule (PCT) **
a. All processes or events in PCT
12. Osmolarity of glomerular filtrate before and after entering PCT
13. Loop of Henle
14. Function of distal convoluted tubule & cortical collecting tubule
15. Renal blood flow
16. pH
17. Metabolic & respiratory acidosis
1. Functions of saliva
2. Acid secretion in stomach
a. Synthesis
b. Control
c. Factors stimulating
d. HCl
3. Gastric emptying
4. CCK *****
a. Functions
b. Actions
c. Secreted by?
5. Gastrin
a. Functions
6. Secretin
a. Functions
7. Pancreas
a. Enumerate pancreatic enzymes **
b. Functions of pancreatic enzymes
c. Factors affecting their secretions
8. Gall bladder
a. Functions **
b. Hormonal control of its contraction
9. Bile
10. Bile salt
a. Functions
b. Enterohepatic circulation
11. Jaundice
a. Definition
b. Range/Level
c. Types
d. What is increasing & what is decreasing in each type
1. SDA *********
a. Does type of food affect SDA?
b. Which has the highest SDA?
c. Definition
2. RQ ****
a. Definition
b. Functions
c. How much for carbohydrate?
3. BMR *****
a. Definition
b. What is basal condition?
4. Obesity
5. Exposure to cold
6. Body heat regulation



Book Lovers
Book Lovers

jum kiter tls soalan oral yg dpt td kt cni plak..

stretch reflex / inverse s.reflex (golgi tendon organ)
pancreatic juice
Na+ handling (reabsorption)
receptor potential
light adaptation
GH / thyroid..abnormalities..function..difference dwaf / cretin..etc

sekian..~ Very Happy


Book Addicts
Book Addicts

Renal Glomeruli
Near Response

ORAL QUESTIONS (rajin nk post newtopic) 2d71a01c-506f-465a-9853-46b6f88c2911


Star Member
Star Member

sleep mechanism (?)

menopause,mechanism apa yg menyebabkan woman jadi irritability,flush befor menopause

why a young girl always stress before she starts menstruation?

aegoo..soalan physiology yg sgt bkaitan dgn hidup. mmg aku x dpt jawab. last last kena ceramah dgn doc mon'eim,awak sepatutnya tau physiology perihal wanita. *sedih je*

yelah,kalau tak kita yg tau,siapa lagi nak tau semua ni. siapa lagi nak sambut bayi kat luar tu kalau aku tak study bab perempuan ni elok elok. hahhh,tibe muhasabah kat sini.. Rolling Eyes



My Question.

Dr. Akeef
Conn's Syndrome,
Gastric Secretion-Kantoi habis.
Near Reflex.

Dr taktahu nama yang tua tu


Star Member
Star Member

rasanya jawapan utk kedua2 soklan tu sama je,

doc mon'eim kata gini,estrogen kan ada mineralocorticoid punya aktiviti (increase Na reabsorp)

jadi,before menstruation estrogen high,Na pun high dlm badan,increase nerve excitability,nerve swelling,lebih lebih lagi kat kepala,so tension and stress. heeee..gitu lah doc terangkan kalau tak silap Smile

7ORAL QUESTIONS (rajin nk post newtopic) Empty collection soklan physio Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:42 am

afnan fakhrurazi

afnan fakhrurazi
Pro Member
Pro Member

ada hari tu ada yg mintak suh kumpulkan soklan2 oral physio kan?
ada sapa2 salin @ kumpul x??
crik kat fb xjumpa..



yang kat atas ni bnde apa afnan?

Cepat semua igt balik soalan physio korg.
AFnan nak!


Lab Coater
Lab Coater

dh lme ke korg mntk mnde ni.sorry bg lmbt

org dpt psl
-growth hormone
-sensory ataxia
-hormone cholecystokinin(cck)
-regulation of Na+ in proximal convulated tubule
-colour blindness

nonie wahid

Lab Coater
Lab Coater

sori lbt bg gak hehe

-what factor affect it
-measurement of GFR
-creatine clearance

-obstructive jaundice
-asal ade itching2 bile ade jaundice
-diabetes insipiduus

11ORAL QUESTIONS (rajin nk post newtopic) Empty Re: ORAL QUESTIONS (rajin nk post newtopic) Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:19 pm

nur itu cahaya

nur itu cahaya
Lab Coater
Lab Coater

Sensory code
Plasma Clearance
Color blindness

IGF (Somatomedin C)
Area 44
Basal Metabolic Rate


Star Member
Star Member

Dr 1
Supraspinal inhibition and facilitation
Spinal shock
Thyroid , action, cretinism
Mechanism of vomiting and effect of vomiting

Dr 2-dr hassan eissa
Testicular function test -sokln fav dr Hassan***
Set point of hypothalamus

13ORAL QUESTIONS (rajin nk post newtopic) Empty koleksi2 oral physio yg diambil dr FB Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:47 pm

afnan fakhrurazi

afnan fakhrurazi
Pro Member
Pro Member

Ahmad Shahir tetany, glucosuria, tubular maximum, addison, stretch reflex, spinal shock

Is Faris sda, function of thyroid and aldosterone hormone, LMNL, calory, dorsal column,


Farahin Tarmizi GFR, stress analgesia, insulin, kinetic tremor, fever

Nur Hazirah Mohd Azlan fever-abnormal gaits-aldosterone-opiates-colour blindness-GFR

Mohamad Faris pathway of pain, functions of thyroid hormone, mechanism of HCl secretion in stomach, acid tide, alkaline tide, fever, factors affecting spermatogenesis, insulin dependant and independant transporters.

Nabihah Shalah Huddin parkinsonism, water reabsorption, GH, progesterone, BMR, SDA, GIT hormone
Afnan Fakhrurazi yg lain2 sama kot, cuma yg ni jer..
physiological counter current

Fatin Faeznur Fauzi function of cerebellum/servo-comparative action/spermatogenesis n factor affecting it/Na+ handling of renal tubules/function of aldosterone/near reflex/jaundice

Liyana Nadhirah Mustaffa lesion in internal capsule and manifestation/ temperature tract / cortisol function

Afif Dimyati GH-Renal Glomeruli-BMR
Dr. Akef > Parkinsonism-Near Response-Tetany

Mohamad Suaidi Mohamad Sazali sala...kami kena: function of saliva, function of sertoli cell, dark adaptation, function of corisol, DHT, 5 alpha reductase, curde touch pathway, syringomylia

Badriyyah Husin function of basal ganglia- function of thyroid hormone- vomiting- spermatogenesis- testicular test-

Mastura Bt Bukhari beza saliva maser para ngan sympha,functions of saliva, motor areas, GH,finetouch pathway,fever,action of progesterone,yg "hot" skali HISTOLOGY of endometrium.....(x paham btolllll oral fisio ker histo ??)

Nur A'fifah Rahimi ovulation- pancreatic juice - recptor potential - light adaptation - na reabsorption - GH /thyroid - stretch reflex..sekian~...whdaty..Very Happy

Wan Nurul Husna calcium homeostasis (function of hormone related, tetany etc), sodium reabsorption, stretch reflex (function etc) n inverse stretch reflex, pathway of food intake, miosis, function of LH n FSH

Fatin Baharin musle tone-definition,function,why continuosly stertched,why not fatigue:charcter red fibers..
,function of 1 a hydroxylase,1,25 DHCC,spermatogenesis,how the temperature of the testis kept mantained,the effect of damage of testis,leptin(function in puberty,function in food intake,where in the hypothalamus)the effect of leptin in obesity,sensor code,deafness,weber test,GFR.

Muhammad hafiz Nazri referred pain, sertoli cell, addison, plasma clearance, LMNL, BMR

Syafieq Shukri Dr munaim: dark adaptation,aldosterone,
Inverse stretch reflex,GFR, synaptic plasticity, Androgen Binding Protein

Nur A'fifah Rahimi sensory code,colour blindness,Na handling,fever,mucosal barrier,anovulation..

Nur Akma Anis muscle tone,neocerebellar syndrom,growth hormone(effect on metabolic)cholecystokynin(cck),sensory cord,colour blindness and Na handling

Nurul Aisyah opioid(dynorphin),gfr,glaucoma,brown fat,supraspinal control of stretch reflex,sertoli cells...byknye soalan fatin'

Faten Dayana dr abdul munaim jugak: mechanism of SLEEP< dr hasan ckp xkuar tp die tny jugak, soalan ni ni die dh tny kat akak2 taun lepas, mmg soalan fav die kot>, kqlo jiran kite xboleh tdo, kite nk bg nasihat ape kat die, hyperprolactinemia, drugs yg boleh menyebabkn hyperprolactinemia, vasa recta, adh, ipsp n gpsp

Natasha Atiqah Mat Amin gfr-inverse strech reflex-blood testis barrier-menopause-menstrual cycle-mechanism of sleep
Ahmad Zulfahmi Sha'ari totally same with Ahmad Shahir..only RENAL THRESHOLD in addition.

Zubair Jamil Conn's Syndrome(define n manifest.),parkinson's(manifest,type n mechanism of rigidity) ,water reabsorbtion(obligatory n facultative + ADH effects on it),cortisol(function,permissive action),posterior column(sensation carried,proprioceptive loss n Romberg sign),mech. of insulin secretion..yes,khalas n go out..

Sabiha Zakaria Na handling, sensory code, colour blindness, babiniski sign, obstructive jaundice, 1 a reductase, estrogen function..

Aqilah Razak parkinsonism,tetany,1,25 DHCC,neocerebellar syndrom,goiter

Hafiz Mazlan ‎-pain control-spermatogenesis-diuresis-specific dynamic action-umnl-prolactin-adh.

Sabiha Zakaria doc jgak ade tnya X-linked disease yg kte blaja mse thun 1,selain drpd colour blindness..ade sape2 tahu x ape jwpnnye...???

Nur Anis colour blindness, sensory code, Na handling, prolactin, parkinsonism, secretin hormone.

Sabiha Zakaria sensory code weber feshner,green anomaly and green anopia yg mana common,Na+ handlng kat proximal early part and lat part
(what different),premotor area(function) specifically,
hormone affecting spermatogenesis(function for each)
pathological increase BMR..~fathiyah~

Afifi Syamil Abdul Razak GH, renal glomeruli, BMR, near reflex, parkinson, tetany.
Fadhli Nafis Addison disease, parkinsonism, Na handling,light adaptaion, insulin, posterior column, ataxia

Zulfadhli Mahadi Referred pain, Addison, Sertoli cell function, plasma clearance, BMR, LMNL..

Nur Shazwani Mohd Azmi time aeroplane take off or landing,eustachian tutup ke buka?tu soklan aku dapat~yg laen samaaaaaaa..sekian terima kasih

Adilah Zulkifly yg lain sama plus: why during voluntary action and sleeping, static tremors disappear? and, pasal lession in nucleus accumbence (cam ni ke eja) in limbic cortex.
Siti Nurbani function of cerebeelum, thyroid hormone-hypo n hyper, git hormone, light pathway, what action of atropine in eye, water reabsorbtion... tu jerr kut.

Aisyah Aina GH (dwarfism) , GFR, parkinsonism, food control, fx estrogen, miosis n action of atropine

Shaymak Abdullah sensory code,colour blindness,opiate,testosteron(intra uterine life),stretch reflex,GFR,CCK

Farah Dina kena tulis jugak npknya disini...stages of sleep, basal ganglia, parkinsonism, GFR, Tm (renal treshold, pathological and physiological of glucosuria), reabsorption of glucose, function of GH, testicular f(x) test and set point of hypothalamus
reffered pain, action of aldosterone and cortisol, Cushing's syndrome, presbyopia, hypermetropia, corrective lens, site of secretion and action af progesterone, insulin action on
skeletal muscles and liver

Muzamil Zeck ak pn nk gak!!cushing..character of sypnaptic transmission..BMR..autoregulation of kidney..n HISTOLOGY OF JUXTAMEDULLARY APPARATUS..CELL OF DCT!!FUNCTION OF THAT SHIT OF CELL!!ak rse die doc histo!!

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